Skiboy (ITV 1974, Steve Hudis, Margo Alexis)

In Skiboy Swiss-American teen Bobbie Noel lives with his family in the Swiss mountain village of St Luke, where his Aunt and Uncle run the local hotel. Bobbie is training, instructed by his brother, Jean to become an Olympic skier. Along the way he and Jean manage to get involved in numerous adventures. Bobbie’s best friend is fellow teenager Sadie.

A big budget ITC series for the family audience that benefited from good location shooting and strong scripts from the likes of Bob Baker and Dave Martin, Jeremy Paul, Tony Williamson and Dennis Spooner.

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production details
UK / ITV – A Skiboy Productions Ltd production for ITC / 13×25 minute / Broadcast 13 May – 5 August 1974

Steve Hudis as Bobbie Noel
Margo Alexis as Sadie McStay
Robert Coleby as Jean Noel
Frederick Jaeger as Uncle Jacques
Patricia Haines as Aunt Claire

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