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Australian TV

Skyways (Channel 7 1979-1981, Tony Bonner, Tina Bursill)



Twice weekly drama series Skyways told episodes in the lives, both professional and personal, of the staff of Pacific International Airport. The staff had to deal with all the dramas (drug smugglers, crooks on the run etc) but still found time for fun and relationships.

Probably most notable for the oft quoted fact that Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan appeared in one episode as pre-teen brother and sister. Screened directly after Copshop and in fact the character of Peter Fanelli later switched over to that show whilst the character of George Tippett went on to Holiday Island. The airport supposedly had a staff of some 8000 people although watching the series you might think it was closer to a couple of dozen!

production details
Australia / Channel 7 – Crawfords / 188×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1979-1981

Creators: Jock Blair, Terry Stapleton / Executive Producers: Ian Crawford, Jock Blair / Producer: Graham Moore

Tony Bonner as Paul MacFarlane
Tina Bursill as Louise Carter
Ken James as Simon Young
Bruce Barry as Captain Douglas Stewart
Carmen Duncan as Elaine MacFarlane
Bartholomew John as Nick Grainger
Judy Morris as Robyn Davies
Bill Stalker as Peter Fanelli
Brian James as George Tippett
Kris McQuade as Faye Peterson
Deborah Coullis as Jacki Soong Joanne Samuel as Kelly Morgan
Irene Inescort as Mrs. Young
Andrew McKaige as Alan MacFarlane
Gaynor Martin as Mandy MacFarlane