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Speed King (BBC 1979, Robert Hardy, Jack Galloway)



Speed King was a period drama detailing the life of racing driver Sir Malcolm Campbell.

Broadcast under the Playhouse banner on 24 December 1979.

production details
UK | BBC | 1×93 minutes | 1979

Writer: Roger Milner
Producer: Innes LLoyd
Director: Ferdinand Fairfax

Robert Hardy as Dorothy Campbell
Jennifer Hilary as Dorothy Campbell
Jack Galloway as Leo Villa
Neil Nisbet as Donald Campbell
Desmond Llewelyn as Major Bill Whittall
Rosalind Knight as Mrs Mattison
David Quilter as Brian Lewis
Derek Martin as Reg
Pamela Moiseiwitsch as Ivey
Tony Caunter as Harry Leech
Garrick Hagon as Commentator
Shane Rimmer as Ambassador Bingham
John Wentworth as Lord Wakefield