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Split, The (BBC-1 2017, Nicola Walker, Meera Syal)



The Split is an authentic, layered and witty exploration of modern marriage and the legacy of divorce through the lens of the Defoes – a family of female lawyers at the heart of London’s fast-paced and emotionally-charged divorce circuit.

Esteemed divorce lawyer Hannah (Nicola Walker) quits the family firm when her mother Ruth (Deborah Findlay), formidable personally and professionally, refuses her promotion. Landing at a rival firm alongside old flame Christie (Barry Atsma), Hannah navigates scandalous affairs, big-figure settlements and fraught relationship battles – coming head to head with Ruth and impulsive sister Nina (Annabel Scholey) in the bitter divorce of Goldie (Meera Syal) and multi-millionaire husband Davey (Stephen Tompkinson). Meanwhile, the marriage of younger sister Rose (Fiona Button) looms on the horizon.

When their estranged father returns after 30 years the sisters are forced to confront their past. Facing the reality of her dad’s abandonment, and reconnecting with ‘the one who got away’ Christie, Hannah begins to question her relationships with the men in her life – including her seemingly contented marriage to the smart and affable Nathan (Stephen Mangan).

Production starts in the UK this month on the original series helmed by award-winning creative team including writer Abi Morgan, producer Jane Featherstone and director Jessica Hobbs.

Nicola Walker as Hannah Defoe
Deborah Findlay as Ruth
Meera Syal as Goldie
Barry Atsma as Christie
Stephen Mangan as Nathan
Annabel Scholey as Nina
Stephen Tompkinson as Davey
Fiona Button as Rose

key behind the scenes crew
Abi Morgan as Creator, Writer and Executive Producer
Jane Featherstone as Executive Producer
Jessica Hobbs as Executive Producer/Director
Lucy Richer as Executive Producer
Lucy Dyke as Producer

show type

broadcast from
Currently in production

network and production companies
BBC One – Sister Pictures – Sundance TV



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