Stanley Park (BBC-3 2010, Holliday Grainger)

Set in a south London suburb, Stanley Park follows a group of young friends as they embark upon the good ship adulthood. Holliday Grainger stars as “Dirty” Debbie, a sassy fashion designer and self-proclaimed ‘Carrie Bradshaw of Croydon’ who, from the moment she arrived to live with gin swigging, Superking smoker and serial internet dater, Auntie Pat (Sharon Horgan writer and star of BBC’s Pulling), knew the place had trouble written all over it. And she wasn’t wrong. Antonia plays Sadie who’s waggish with a nice job, a hot boyfriend, and a Gucci bag who thinks her life is about to take off following her engagement in Pizza Express.

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Then there’s “Bent” Ben – Ann’s fabulous, Beyonce-loving best friend who is always on hand to provide a shoulder to cry on and a constant source of advice, but who could do well to counsel himself occasionally.

production details
UK | BBC Three | 1×30 minutes | 2010

Writer: Leo Richardson from his stage play
Director: Misha Manson-Smith

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Holliday Grainger as Debbie
Sharon Horgan as Auntie Pat
Antonia Thomas as Sadie

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