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Strange World (ABC 1999, Tim Guinee, Kristin Lehman)



Strange World ABC 1999

In scifi tinged drama Strange World, former army scientist Paul Turner is exposed to chemical weapons during the Gulf War and, as a result, spends six years alone, trying to fight a strange degenerative disease. Then, a mysterious woman gives him a cure. Suddenly the army is clamoring for him to return to work, and the mysterious woman encourages him to. Confused, afraid and not knowing who to trust, Turner tries to piece his life back together again with the help of his girlfriend, Dr. Sydney MacMillan.

“Strange World” executive producer/creator Howard Gordon was one of the original writer/producers of “The X-Files” and also worked heavily on Fox megahit 24. Fellow creator Tim Kring would go on to create scifi show Heroes.

The show received a special preview on Monday, March 8, before settling into “NYPD Blue’s” Tuesday night timeslot for a limited run. So limited, in fact, that it aired only two episodes in the slot before being canceled. The remaining ten episodes were eventually screened on scifi in 2002.

production details
USA / ABC – 20th Century Fox Television – Teakwood Lane Productions / 13×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 8 – 16 March 1999

Creators: Tim Kring, Howard Gordon

Tim Guinee as Paul Turner
Kristin Lehman as Dr. Sydney MacMillian
Saundra Quarterman as Major Lynne Reese