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Strike Force (ITV 1995, Tim Bentinck, Fiona Dolman)



Strike Force

Action adventure one off Strike Force detailed the exploits of a group of crack fighter fighter pilots in training for an elite new squadron. A pilot for a possible series that never emerged.

Tim Bentinck as Raikes
Nancy Crane as Val Raikes
Fiona Dolman as Sarah Kyte
Lisa Early as Charlotte Taylor
Justin Ellery as Richard ‘Dix’ Boden
James Faulkner as Francis Headley
Mick Ford as Doc Holliday
Stuart Laing as Jimmy
Derek Riddell as Tonto

crew details
Writer: Nick McCarty
Devisors: Dave Secker and John Johnson
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson
Producer: Steve Lanning
Director: Bob Mahoney

production details
Country: UK
Studio: ITV – Yorkshire
Year of Release: 1995
Duration: 75 minutes