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Surgeon, The (Channel 10 2005, Justine Clarke, Sam Worthington)



Short lived medical drama series The Surgeon, focused on Eve Agius, a highly skilled woman working as a Surgeon at Sydney General Hospital and alone in a male dominated world. Medical cases filled with twists, turns and surprises test the limits of her skill and knowledge. The anaesthetists, the other surgeons and the nursing staff, all confront life , death and the intrusion of fate as everyday reality.

A good chance for Justine Clarke to take the lead role and with strong support from the likes of Sam Worthington and Katie Wall. The half hour format just did not work though.

production details
Australia | Channel 10 | 8×25 minutes | Broadcast 20 October – 1 December 2005

Justine Clarke
Sam Worthington as Dr. Sam Dash
Nicholas Bell
Matthew Newton
Christopher Morris as Dr. Abe Wilson – Anaesthetist
Katie Wall