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Suspicion (ITV Thriller, Jane Curtin, Anthony Andrews)



Period thriller remake of the classic Hitchcock film about a newlywed who gradually begins to think her husband may be planning her murder.

Based on the Hitchcock thriller rather than the source novel Before the Fact by Michael Innes, this handsome HTV TV movies sees Anthony Andrews as Johnnie Aysgarth marrying Lina McLaidlaw (Jane Curtin) after a whirlwind romance. Lina quickly realises that Johnny is not as he seems. Not only is he a compulsive gambler and heavily in debt, he is also borrowing against her life insurance. Pretty quickly Lina starts to think that Johnnie would prefer it if she was out of the way.

Cast: Anthony Andrews (Johnnie Aysgarth), Jane Curtin (Lina McLaidlaw), Michael Hordern (Lord McLaidlaw), Vivian Pickles (Isobel Sedbusk), Jonathan Lynn (Beaky Thwaite), Betsy Blair (Lady McLaidlaw), Ron Pember (Ticket Collector), Martin Clunes (Photographer), Sally Home (Mrs Barham), Cory Pulman (Jessie Barham), Melissa Simmonds (Alice Barham), Penn Ashton (Mrs Newsham), Simone Lloyd-Davies (Mrs Jenner), Tim Bannerman (Reggie Wetherby), Eric Dodson (Sir Gerald), Paul Nicholson (Butler), Jean Serrett (Waiter On The Orient Express), Nola Haynes (Sarah Phillips), Barry Woolgar (Mr Bailey), Jo Anderson (Captain Melbeck’s Secretary), Donald Pickering (Captain Melbeck), Brian Oulton (Mr Webster), Denis Lill (Inspector Hodgson), Jeremy Northam (Mr Benson), Nigel Stephenson (Insurance Clerk), Ellis Dale (Bertram Sedbusk), Tricia George (Phyllis Swinghurst)

Writers: Jonathan Lynn, Barry Levinson / Producers: Barry Levinson, Sebastian Robinson / Director: Andrew Greive

UK / ITV – HTV / 1×120 minute episode / Broadcast 30 June 1987