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Sweeney Todd (BBC Drama, Ray Winstone, Tom Hardy)



In this one off BBC drama we are in 18th Century London where Sweeney Todd (Ray Winstone) is a barber-surgeon who as a child spent years in a prison. While shaving a particularly repulsive prison guard he slits his throat in anger and has to dispose of the man’s body. He finds he has a compulsion to kill and repeats his actions many times. He eventually befriends Mrs Lovett (Essie Davis), a woman baker on hard times, and sets her up with a pie shop next to his. He then provides her with the meat of his victims for her pies.

Cast: Ray Winstone (Sweeney Todd), Essie Davis (Mrs Lovett), David Warner (Fielding), Tom Hardy (Matthew), David Bradley (Sweeney’s Father), Roger Frost (Customer), Anthony O’Donnell (Gaoler), David Foxxe (Rector), Ben Walker (Tobias), Jessica Hooker (Polly), Paul Currier (Thornhill), Mircea Drambareanu (Mr Lovett), Gabriel Spahiu (Thief), Vlad Radescu (Sailor), Bogdan Cotlet (Youth), Alexandru Dragoi (Young Buck)

Writer: Joshua St Johnson / Script Editor: Ben Cavey / Music: Simon Fisher Turner / Executive Producers: Simon Jordan, Ray Winstone, Michael Wiggs, Joshua St. Johnston, Justin Thomson-Glover, Patrick Irwin / Producers: Gub Neal, Caroline Hewitt / Director: David Moore

UK / BBC One / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast 3 January 2006