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Tabitha (ABC 1977-1978, Lisa Hartman, Robert Urich)




Fantasy sitcom Tabitha was a belated sequel to Bewitched in which Samantha and Darrin’s daughter Tabitha is making her way in the world as an assistant at Californian TV station KXLA. Tabitha too had witchly powers.

A pilot had aired on 24 Apr 1976 with a different cast, this saw Liberty Williams in the title role.

production details
USA / ABC – Columbia / 12×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 10 September 1977 – 14 January 1978

Creator: Jerry Mayer / Producer: Robert Stambler / Theme It’s Magic sung by Lisa Hartman / Executive Producer: Jerry Mayer, George Yanok


Lisa Hartman as Tabitha Stevens
David Ankrum as Adam Stevens
Robert Urich as Paul Thurston
Mel Stewart as Marvin Decker
Karen Morrow as Minerva
Bernard Fox as Dr. Bombay