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Talentspotting (Channel 4 1996, Richard O’Sullivan, Jason Isaacs)



Talentspotting was a short run (3 episodes) anthology series focusing on new writers. Jez Butterworth, who contributed the first story with his brother Tom, has since gone on to major success in the theatre and on film.

The title was an obvious pun on Trainspotting which was a major recent cinema hit for Channel 4.

production details
UK / Channel 4 – World Productions / 3×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 1-15 September 1996

Executive Producer: Tony Garnett

1. CHRISTMAS (1 Sep 96) – Written by Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth. The cast included Jason Durr, Henry Goodman and Sean Gallagher.
2. HOLED (8 Sep 96) – Written by Jeff Povey. The cast included Richard O’Sullivan, Tony Robinson and Duncan Preston.
3. GUARDIANS (15 Sep 96) – Written by Bill Anderson. The cast included Jason Isaacs and Maurice Roeves.