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Target (BBC-1 1977, Patrick Mower, Philip Madoc)Target (BBC-1 1977, Patrick Mower, Philip Madoc)


Target (BBC-1 1977, Patrick Mower, Philip Madoc)



Crime drama seriesTargetis often touted as the BBC’s rival to ITV’s smash hit The Sweeney and whilst it does have some similarities it has enough originality of its own to mark out as a slice of classic 1970′s telly.

Starring Patrick Mower the series follows the work of a regional crime squad based in Hampshire. Led by Detective Superintendent Steve Hackett the team more often than not find that the big port in the area is the epicentre for criminal activity.

Hackett is your classic Maverick cop, divorced yet married to the job and more than happy to pull any bird he fancies. He is also not shy at landing a punch if it gets results. Also on the team is Detective Segeant Frank Bonney who knows what Hackett is like but respects the results he gets and Detective Sergeant Louise Colbert who for a change is not just there to make the tea.

The show was considered excessively violent at the time and was forced to tone things down somewhat for the second and final season, it’s never been repeated on terrestrial television and only the first series was briefly seen during the early days of satellite tv which is why it has no doubt built up something of a cult reputation.

Target was thought up by Roger Marshall but he quickly ducked out of the series when producer Philip Hincliffe began to take the series in a direction he didn’t like. His scripts for the series are credited to David Agnew.

production details
UK / BBC One / 17×50 minutes /Broadcast 9 September 1977 – 10 November 1978.

THEME MUSIC: Dudley Simpson
PRODUCER: Philip Hinchcliffe

Patrick Mower as Steve Hackett
Philip Madoc as Christopher Benjamin


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