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Target Luna (ITV Scifi, David Markham, Michael Hammond)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Scifi drama series Target Luna initially took us to a Scottish island rocket station Professor Wedgewood (David Markham) invites his three children to spend Easter with him at the base where he is planning the first manned space flight to the moon. Trouble starts when young Jimmy (Michael Hammond) stows away on the rocket ship. The Wedgwood family had three further adventures with the Pathfinders Trilogy. These were Pathfinders In Space and Pathfinders to Mars (both 1960) and also Pathfinders To Venus (1961).

Although set off the coast of Scotland location filming was actually conducted off the Essex coast.

The success of Target Luna and Pathfinders is thought to be one of the catalysts for the creation of Doctor Who (both series were produced by Sydney Newman).

Cast: DAVID MARKHAM as Professor Wedgwood; MICHAEL HAMMOND as Jimmy Wedgwood; SYLVIA DAVIES as Valerie Wedgwood; MICHAEL CRAZE as Geoffrey Wedgwood; ANNETTE KERR as Mrs Wedgwood; FRANK FINLAY as Mr Henderson; JOHN CAIRNEY as Ian Murray

Writers: Malcolm Hulke, Eric Paice / Production Design: David Gillespie / Producer: Sydney Newman / Director: Adrian Brown

UK / ITV – ABC / 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 April – 29 May 1960 black and white