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Tearaway (BBC Drama, John Arnatt, Stuart Saunders)



Tearaway, written by Colin Morris (a strong contributor to the early years of Z Cars) was a drama documentary showing how the threat of violence can impede the course of justice.

Cast: John Arnatt (Chief Inspector Ball), Stuart Saunders (Detective Sergeant Bulliver), Manning Wilson (Detective Sergeant Blake), Raymond Lulham (Detective Constable Jones), John Sharp (Station Inspector), Leonard Williams (Station Sergeant), Glen Farmer (Police Constable), Kenneth Outwin (Police Driver), Gene Anderson (Stella), John A. Tinn (Tam), Hugh Dickson (Tommy Baxter), Duncan Lewis (Baxter Senior), Julian Somers (Harry Shelton), Freda Bamford (Betty Shelton), Melvyn Hayes (Syd Shelton), Frank Woolfe (Old Shelton), Jack Rodney (Joe German), Doreen Andrew (Mrs German), Sheila Brennan (Lily), Henry McGee (Pete), Paddy Joyce (Pat), Mireielle McCormick (Barmaid), Nan Marriott Watson (Mrs Molden), Audrey O’Flynn (First Neighbour), Iris Vandeleur (Second Neighbour), Elsie Arnold (Miss Wilson), Anthony Baird (Reporter), Clive Farel (Coloured Man), Shirley Cooklin (Young Girl), Mary Jones (Woman Doctor), Ishaq Bux (Indian Landlord), Frank Pemberton (Prisoner), Michael Collins (Rejected Citizen), Richard Wharton (Man With Spectacles), Ricky Arden (Prisoner), George Taylor (Prisoner), Richard McNeff (Station Constable), Brenda Carter (Nurse)

Writer: Colin Morris / Producer: Gilchrist Calder

UK / BBC / 1×55 minute episode / Broadcast 11 October 1956 (repeated on 29 July 1957)