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Tecx (ITV Crime, Jenny Agutter, Rob Spendlove)



Crime drama series Tecx dealt with the cases of a group of international detectives who were based in Brussels but roamed all over Europe. Their headquarters was Souverain Associates. Kate Milverton (Jenny Agutter) was in charge and much of the action centred around Chris Tierney (Rob Spendlove)

This was another of those pan european glossy cop shows that could have been an ITC show from the sixties like The Champions or Department S. Tecx has all but been forgotten these days and the show suffered somewhat at the time from a semi disjointed run of episodes with a two month gap from the schedules halfway through.

Lots of good guest stars popped up though including the likes of John Stride, Stephane Audran, John Castle, Geoffrey Bayldon, Abigail Cruttenden and a young Mark Strong.

Cast: JENNY AGUTTER as Kate Milverton; ROB SPENDLOVE as Chris Tierney; DAVID HOWEY as Colonel Mount; NEIL DUDGEON as Peter Mayert; URBANO BARBERINI as Fabio Cavalcanti; ULRIKE SCHWARZ as Anna Holz

Producer: Simon Channing-Williams / Special Effects: Dave Beavis / Stunts: Peter Diamond, Bill Weston / Executive Producer: Ted Childs / Titles: Plume Partners / Music: Hal Lindes

UK / ITV Network – Central / 13×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 22 March – 15 August 1990

DEEP WATER (Broadcast 22 March 1990)
THE WINE BUSINESS (Broadcast 29 March 1990)
THE SEA TAKES ALL (Broadcast 5 April 1990)
A QUESTION OF CHEMISTRY (Broadcast 12 April 1990)
DEAD END (Broadcast 19 April 1990)
17K (Broadcast 26 April 1990)
ROCK A BUY BABY (Broadcast 3 May 1990)
NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK (Broadcast 11 July 1990)
PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS (Broadcast 18 July 1990)
GETTING PERSONAL (Broadcast 25 July 1990)
FALL FROM GRACE (Broadcast 01 August 1990)
WRITING ON THE WALL (Broadcast 08 August 1990)
A SOLDIER’S DEATH (Broadcast 15 August 1990)