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Terrahawks (Gerry Anderson Scifi Series)



This Gerry Anderson series puppet scifi series was billed as “Supermacromation”. In the 21st century (2020) the Terrahawks protect Earth from the planned take over by Zelda – the Witch Queen of Guk.

UK / ITV – LWT – Anderson Burr / 39×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1983-86

Creator: Gerry Anderson / Music: Richard Harvey / Special Effects: Stephen Begg / Producers: Gerry Anderson, Christopher Burr

Voices:- DENISE BRYER as Zelda/Mary Falconer / WINDSOR DAVIES as Sgt Major Zero / JEREMY HITCHEN as Dr Ninestein/Hiro/Johnson / ANNE RIDLER as Kate Kestrel / BEN STEVENS as Hudson/Space Sgt 101/Yung Star