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Thank You, Mrs Clinkscales (ITV 1984, Phillip Batty, Nick Conway)



In one off period drama Thank You, Mrs Clinkscales, from the always excellent Alan Plater, we are taken back to New Years Eve, 1951 where a quartet of men are in their local ready to ring in the New Year. Normally there is five of them but Ken is late, as he usually is.

Not only that when he does turn up he has a girl, Dorothy, with him. It’s a definite signifier of changing times and could mean that the gang is about to be broken up forever.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×74 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 5 January 1984 at 10.00pm

Writer: Alan Plater / Production Design: Jeremy Bear / Producer and Director: David Cunliffe

Phillip Batty as Colin
Nick Conway as Ray
Clive Duncan as Terry
Richard Tolan as Pete
Kenneth Cope as Hogan
Anne Stallybrass as Mrs Pearson
Ray Mort as Mr Pearson
Earl Rhodes as Ken
Elizabeth Edmonds as Dorothy