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Canadian TV

The Beachcombers (CBC 1972-1990 with Bruno Gerussi and Rae Brown)



Canada / CBC / 324×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1972-1990

Producers: Len Casey, Norman Jewison

Canada’s longest running drama series (19 years in production) The Beachcombers concerned itself with episodes in the life of beachcomber Nick Adonidas who lived on the North West Coast of British Columbia. Helping him was his young partner Jess but Nick also had to contend with the machinations of his rival Relic.

The show mixed in elements of comedy, drama, action and adventure and regulars on the series included young kids Hughie and Margaret and their, owner of local bar/hotel “Molly’s Reach”, homeless Pat O’Gorman, Mountie Constable John, Captain Joe and Gus McLoskey.

Later developments included Jesse getting married to a widow called Laurel, she had a soon called Tommy who also became a regular.

Towards the end of the shows long run a city mum, Dana, along with son Sam, took over the running of Molly’s reach. In April 1990 the show ended with a one hour special.

BRUNO GERUSSI as Nick Adonidas
RAE BROWN as Molly Carmody
BOB PARK as Hughie
NANCY CHAPPLE as Margaret (1)
JULIET RANDALL as Margaret (2)
PAT JOHNS as Jesse Jim
JACKSON DAVIES as Constable John