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The Best Things In Life (ITV Sitcom, Harry H. Corbett, June Whitfield)



In sitcom The Best Things In Life Alfred Wilcox (Harry H. Corbett) is a salesman for a plastics company who has ambitions but doesn’t seem able to realise them. His girlfriend Mabel Pollard (June Whitfield) is keen to get him to tie the knot considering they have been engaged for 11 years but he is determined to hang on to his independence.

The second season saw the arrival of Mabel’s parents Mr and Mrs Pollard (Bob Todd and Pearl Hackney).

The Best Things in Life can be seen as another of Harry H. Corbett’s attempts to break away from the shadow of Harold Steptoe. No matter how hard he tried though he was indelibly linked to the rag and bone man.

Writers on the series included series creator Bernard Botting, Jack Trevor Story, Dave Freeman, Ted Willis and Adele Rose.

Cast: Harry H Corbett as Alfred Wilcox; June Whitfield as Mabel Pollard; Pat Heywood as Yvonne Armitage (Season 1); Samantha Birch as Vera (Season 1); Kenneth Keeling as Mr Davis (Season 1); Bob Todd as Mr Pollard (Season 2); Pearl Hackney as Mrs Pollard (Season 2); Carmel McSharry as Pauline (Season 2); Diana Quick as Gloria (Season 2)

Creator: Bernard Botting / Musical Director: Kenny Powell / Producer: Shaun O’Riordan

UK / ITV – ATV / 13×30 minute episodes / 12 August 1969 – 13 July 1970