The Brothers McGregor (ITV Sitcom, Paul Barber, Philip Whitchurch)



In sitcom The Brothers McGregor, two brothers, one white the other black, run a second hand car lot in Liverpool. The characters of Wesley and Cyril first appeared in a 1982 episode of Coronation Street (although played by different actors).

Cast: Paul Barber (Wesley McGregor), Philip Whitchurch (Cyril McGregor), Jean Heywood (Dolly McGregor), Jackie Downey (Glenys Pike), Terry Cundell (Nigel)

Writers: John Stevenson, Julian Roach / Producer and Director: Bernard Thompson / Executive Producer: Bill Podmore

UK / ITV – Granada / 26×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 4 September 1985 – 24 September 1988

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