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The Buccaneers (ITV Action, Robert Shaw, Peter Hammond)



The Buccaneers ITV Action, Robert Shaw

One of THE great series from 1950’s British action adventure TV is The Buccaneers starring the legendary Robert Shaw.

From the same era and made by the same people who were responsible for The Adventures of Robin Hood, Robert Shaw is Dan Tempest, a notorious pirate who in the year 1718 is plying his trade in the British Caribbean province of New Providence but it isn’t long before he is persuaded by Lt Beamish to work for the British Crown against not only the encroaching Spanish but also other pirates who are plaguing the area.

Fabulous stuff and full of great British character actors such as Alec (father of Martin) Clunes, Roger Delgado and Willoughby Gray.

Cast: ROBERT SHAW as Dan Tempest; PETER HAMMOND as Lt Beamish; ALEC CLUNES as Gvnr Woodes Rogers; HUGH DAVID as Benjy; EDWIN RICHFIELD as Armando; ROGER DELGADO as Estaban

Executive Producer: Hannah Weinstein / Producer: Sidney Cole / Music: Edwin Astley

UK / ITV – ITC – Sapphire / 39×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1956-57 black and white