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The Christmas Cherries (BBC Drama, Martin Jarvis)



The Christmas Cherries was a fairytale for the festive period and told the tale of the Brave Knight, Sir Cleges (Martin Jarvis), who found true riches only when he became a beggar.

Cast: Martin Jarvis (Sir Cleges), Marilyn Taylerson (Dame Clarice), Kenneth Watson (King Uther), Hilary Minster (Steward), Milton Johns (Porter), Anthony Daniels (Usher), Paul Blake (Minstrel)

Writer: Veronica Cecil / Translation: John Hampden / Story: Chretien De Troyes / Production Design: Jeremy Bear / Executive Producer: Anna Home / Producer and Director: Marilyn Fox

UK / BBC One / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 23 December 1975