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The Corner House (Channel 4 Sitcom, Robert Llewellyn)



Sitcom The Corner House told stories of the clientele of a strange cafe run by Gilbert (Christopher Emyard) and Dave (Robert Llewellyn). Written by and starring Eymard and Llewellyn, the duo (along with producer David Jones) were part of a comedy act called The Joeys and dreamed up this series whilst on the road.

Cast: Christopher Eymard as Gilbert; Robert Llewellyn as Dave; Aslie Pitter as Pete; Annie Hayes as Grace; Howard Lew Lewis as Mr Cobham; Martin Allan as Sam; Rosy Fordham as Rosie; Arabella Weir as Annie

Writers: Christopher Eymard, Robert Llewellyn / Producer: David Jones / Director: Don Coutts

UK / Channel 4 – RPM / 6×30 minute episodes / 4 May – 8 June 1987 Mondays at 9.30pm