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Cuckoo Waltz, The (ITV 1975-1980, Diane Keen, David Roper)Cuckoo Waltz, The (ITV 1975-1980, Diane Keen, David Roper)


Cuckoo Waltz, The (ITV 1975-1980, Diane Keen, David Roper)



Very fondly remembered mid 1970’s sitcomThe Cuckoo Waltzstarred likeable David Roper, a sexy Diane Keen and a pre-professionals Lewis Collins.

The series follows the trials and tribulations of newlyweds Chris and Fliss Hawthorne who are living the suburban life with their twin babies and a huge mortgage. Their happy little household is turned upside down though when newspaper reporter Chris lets his best mate Gavin move into the spare room.

Gavin has just been “kicked out” by his wife and seems more than happy to get back into the single life, made easier no doubt by the fact that the executive Gavin is pretty well off and loves to let people know it. Chris and Fliss barely have two pennies to rub together whilst Gavin is all leather jackets and flash cars. He also quite fancies Fliss! It’s this “cuckoo in the nest” scenario that drives most of the humour naturally.

It’s actually a charming series, written by Geoffrey Lancashire (writer of many classic Coronation Street episodes and father of Sarah Lancashire), with a classic 70’s vibe. There are lots of nice touches from the deck chairs as the sofa to the Chris-Fliss-Kiss moments.

There was a three year gap between seasons 3 and 4. Lewis Collins had become a massive star by this stage thanks to The Professionals and didn’t appear. Chris and Fliss got a new lodger in the shape of Ian Saynor played by Adrian Locket.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 26×25 minutes / Broadcast 27 October 1975 – 7 August 1980

Creator: Geoffrey Lancashire
Writers: Geoffrey Lancashire, John G. Temple
Producers: Bill Gilmour, Brian Armstrong, John G. Temple

Diane Keen as Fliss
David Roper as Chris
Lewis Collins as Gavin
Ian Saynor as Adrian


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