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The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Scifi, Dougray Scott, Joely Richardson)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

An epic take on John Wyndham’s legendary apocalyptic scifi drama The Day of the Triffids. Last filmed by the beeb in 1981 in classic serial style with John Duttine in the lead as Bill Masen, the new version has an all star cast that includes Dougray Scott, Brian Cox, Eddie Izzard, Joely Richardson, Vanessa Redgrave and Jason Priestley.

The two parter, which is co-produced with Canada’s Prodigy Pictures, tells of the disaster that folllows when, sometime in the near future, our search for an alternative and ready source of fuel, leads to mass production of The Triffids, a plant with a deadly sting and carniverous tendancies, but following a bizarre solar storm that leaves much of the worlds population blinded, the Triffids real plans become obvious. They quickly escape the bonds of captivity and begin a rapid breeding programme and develop a taste for human flesh.

Dougray Scott plays Dr Bill Masen, a triffid expert who was luckily in hospital at the time of the solar storm and remains one of the few sighted people around. It is up to Bill to try and save the day.

Wyndham’s book, published in 1951, is a true classic and one that doesn’t supply an easy outcome for the protagonists, this is an exciting, big budget production. The Day of The Triffids was filmed in South-East England.

Cast: DOUGRAY SCOTT as Bill Masen; JOELY RICHARDSON as Jo Playton; BRIAN COX as Dennis Masen; VANESSA REDGRAVE as Durrant; EDDIE IZZARD as Torrence; JASON PRIESTLEY as Croker; EWEN BREMNER as Walter Strange; SHANE TAYLOR as Osman; ANDREA HOPPE as Professor Vorless; NORA-JANE NOONE as Lucy; GENEVIEVE O’REILLY as Michelle Bradley; TIM FRANCES as Colonel; WILLIE JONAH as Old Man; STEVEN ELDER as Doctor Koch; ADAM SINCLAIR as Ashdown; JENN MURRAY as Susan; JULIA JOYCE as Imogen; RITA DAVIES as Wheelchair Lady; ROSALIND HALSTEAD as Cordelia; LIZZIE HOPLEY as Hilda; SIMON LOWE as Television Director; PHILIP ANTHONY as Father Thomas; TROY GLASGOW as Troy; PAUL CHAHIDI as Vronsky; JOHN WILSON GODDARD as Charlie; WILLIAM ILKLEY as Jeff; RAJI JAMES as Doctor; KATHRYN SUMNER as Bill’s Mother; SAM WILLIAMS as Young Bill; HELEN BARFORD as First Hospital Mother; MARGO VIRGINIA CARGILL as Second Hospital Mother; JASMINE HEFFERY as Third Hospital Mother; NATASHA ALDERSLADE as Fourth Hospital Mother; EVA SAYER as Girl in Street; CLAIRE-LOUISE CORDWELL as Girl’s Mother; SIMON NAYLOR, PAUL BLAIR as Men in Street; TONY MAUDSLEY as Blind Policeman; PAUL WOODSON as Barricade Police Officer; SCOTT BAKER as Barricade Police Sergeant; JOHN WHITE as Barricade Man; STEPHANIE CAREY as Barricade Woman; TIM VERSTEEGEN, KARL FISCHER as Australian Reporters

Writer: Patrick Harbinson / Novel: John Wyndham / Executive Producer: Justin Bodle / Producer: Stephen Smallwood / Director: Nick Copus

UK / BBC-1 – Prodigy Pictures / 2×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 28 December 2009 – 4 January 2010