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The Delphi Bureau (ABC Espionage, Laurence Luckinbill)



Spy drama The Delphi Bureau detailed the cases of special government spy Glenn Garth Gregory who had a photographic memory.

Glenn’s boss and only contact was Sybil Van Loween and Glenn was overly keen on fisticuffs – “Sybil, my job is to do research when the President needs to know the facts. But when the shooting starts, that’s a whole different department.”

Glenn also scored a few perks, a nice Washington apartment, a convertible sports car and bottomless credit cards.

The show rotated with two other series called Assignment Vienna and Jigsaw. The Umbrella title for the three series was ‘The Men’. Celeste Holm played Sybil in the pilot.

Cast: Laurence Luckinbill (Glenn Garth Gregory), Anne Jeffreys (Sybil Van Loween)

Theme Music: Harper McKay

USA / ABC – Warner / 1×99 minute episodes and 8×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 October 1972 – 1 September 1973 Thursdays 9.00pm then Saturdays at 10.00pm