The Devlin Connection (NBC Crime Drama, Rock Hudson)



In The Devlin Connection, Rock Hudson plays Brian Devlin, who after the Korean war ended up working as the director of the Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles. He has recently learned that he fathered a son, Nick (Jack Scalia), during the war (having had an affair with the French Nicole Corsella). Nick also lives in LA and works as a private detective. As he gets to know his son Brian also manages to get involved in the cases he is working on.

Also involved was Brian’s secretary Lauren Dane (Leigh Taylor-Young) and his friend, nightclub own Otis Barnes (Herb Jefferson Jr).

Brian lived at 11632 Ocean River Drive.

Cast: Rock Hudson (Brian Devlin), Jack Scalia (Nick Corsella), Leigh Taylor-Young (Lauren Dean), Louis Giambalvo (Lt. Earl Borden), Herb Jefferson, Jr. (Otis Barnes)

Theme Music: Patrick Williams

USA / NBC / x50 minute episodes / 1982

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