The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers (Oxygen 2018)

This true crime documentary series examines the disappearance of Crystal Rogers from the small Kentucky town of Bardstown and the mysterious death (by shooting) of her father a year later. In 1979, Crystal Rogers’ pregnant Aunt, Freda Sharene “Sherry” Ballard, went missing from Bardstown, her remains were found in 1983 and her estranged husband Edsel “Eddie” Barnes, along, George Weir were convicted of her murder.

As investigators look closer, other unsolved cases also emerge in Bardstown. longtime Bardstown resident Betty Greenwell told WDRB, “All these killings and murders and things going on here — it makes you nervous. Very nervous.

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Crystal disappeared in July 2015, her boyfriend Brooks Houck was named a suspect in October of that year. His cop brother Nick was fired from the fired from the Bardstown Police Department for allegedly “interfering with the investigation” of Crystal Rogers’ disappearance.

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Country: USA | Oxygen
Release Year: 2018

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