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The Fourth Floor (ITV Thriller, Kenneth Haigh, Derrick O’Connor)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In three part ITV thriller The Fourth Floor, a pair of detectives John Miller (Christopher Fulford) and Jim Collis (Richard Graham) set out to bring down an accountant who is heavily involved with crime boss Payne (Kenneth Haigh).

The Fourth Floor was a classy action packed slice of Thames – Euston shot on film production. Well cast and with a strong role for the always excellent Kenneth Haigh.

Cast: Christopher Fulford as John Miller; Richard Graham as Jim Collis; Kenneth Haigh as Payne; Derrick O’Connor as Hanley; Geoffrey Whitehead as Monroe; Brian Cox as Detective Chief Inspector Haldane; Bernard Kay as Cavan; John Lyons as Johnny Ettrick; Stephen Marlowe as De Laubinque; Peter Wight as Detective Inspector Mackie; Annie Tyson as Mrs Cavan; Mike Hayward as Ennis; Chris Sullivan as Telephonist At Yard; Anthony Sergeant as Cooper; Maureen Sweeney as Mrs Henderson; James Sport as First Businessman; Geoffrey Swann as Customs Officer; Gurdial Sira as Khalid Khan; Paul McDowell as Purvis; James Charles as Detective Inspector Lowe; Michael Elwyn as Costigan; John Rowe as DACC; Fraser Downie as Jock Willis; Chris Winnera as First Police Officer; Peter Dawson as Second Police Officer; Jeff Pirie as Salter; Michael McStay as Colin Ettrick; Tenniel Evans as Railton; Angela Quinn as Nanny; Penny Leatherbarrow as Secretary; Denys Hawthorne as Cannock; Kim Durham as Denton; Mark Penfold as Coren; Annette Ekblom as Doctor; Peter Harding as Rafaello; Robert Hamilton as Dacre; Cindy Day as Blonde; Tano Rea as Maitre D’; Roger Nott as First Policeman; Edward Roche as Second Policeman; Derek Fuke as Denny Rogers; Arthur Kelly as Detective Sergeant Shaw; Jon Laurimore as Harrington; Tristram Jellinek as Tony Ellis MP; Sarah Neville as Woman Detective Sergeant Richards; Robbin John as Sergeant Wright; James Snell as Taylor; Lionel Taylor as Judge; Dimitri Andreas as Stakos; David Lear as Cashier; Ben Robertson as Security Officer

Writer: Ian Kennedy Martin / Script Executive: Linda Agran / Producer: Ian Toynton / Executive Producer: Johnny Goodman, Lloyd Shirley

UK / ITV – Thames – Euston / 3×60 minute episodes / 14 – 16 April 1986