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The Frobisher Game (ITV Drama, Dandy Nichols, Bill Fraser)



In Armchair Theatre production The Frobisher Game the setting is the country home of Sir Lionel and Lady Frobisher and the game is what happens when Sir Lionel and the Lady go away on holiday to the Mediterranean and the servants decide to take their place and hire servants of their own.

The Frobisher Game, written by David Perry, was a deliberate puzzle, character names were not revealed as part of the fun. Who was in who and what their normal place in the hierarchy lay was not made initially clear.

Series: Armchair Theatre Season 12 Episode 1

Cast: Dandy Nichols; Bill Fraser; Avice Landon; Richard Pearson; Vanessa Lee; Peter Graves; Alan Haines; Edward Sinclair; Clive Marshall

Writer: David Perry / Production Design: Leonard White / Producer: Leonard White / Director: Patrick Dromgoole

UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 6 January 1969 at 8.30pm