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The Fugitive: The Chase Continues



A reboot of the sixties classic ‘The Fugitive’ breathes fresh life into the enduring tale of Dr. Richard Kimble, an innocent man accused of murdering his wife.

Estranged from society, Kimble searches for the mysterious one-armed man who actually committed the crime, whilst simultaneously eluding capture from the forces of law and order. Will Kimble manage to clear his name before the police net closes in, or will the one-armed-bandit continue to elude the doctor?

This update of the classic 1960s series stars Timothy Daly as Dr Richard Kimble, and Mykelti Williamson as his dogged pursuer, Lt Philip Gerard.

production details
USA | CBS | 22×50 minutes | Broadcast 6 October 2000 – 25 May 2001

Creator: Roy Huggins,

Tim Daly as Dr. Richard Kimble
Mykelti Williamson as Lt. Philip Gerard
Stephen Lang as Ben Charnquist
Bob Morrisey as Capt. McLaren
Gina Ravera as Sara Gerard