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The Gaffer (ITV Sitcom, Bill Maynard, Russell Hunter)



ITV sitcom The Gaffer detailed the misadventures of Fred Moffatt (Bill Maynard), the owner of a run down light engineering firm, Moffat Engineering Company. Moffat is constantly up against it, on the verge of bankruptcy. He reserves a special hatred for vatmen, taxmen, union officials and traffic wardens!

Harry (Russell Hunter) was the shop steward and Betty (Pat Ashton) was his secretary. The third season saw a few changes with Fred becoming a member of the local council putting him at loggerheads with business rival Joe Gregory (Alan Hockey). In the final episode of the series Fred decided to sell up and emigrate to Australia.

The Gaffer was Maynard’s follow up to Selwyn Froggitt, he’d spent a couple of years waiting for the right part to pop up and it was a chance radio script by Graham White that caught his eye. White was himself the managing director of a small light engineering company (Aller White and Sons, based in Derby).

Cast: Bill Maynard as Fred Moffat; Russell Hunter as Harry; Pat Ashton as Betty; David Gillies as Ginger; Don Crann as Charlie; Christopher Hancock as Wagstaff (Seasons 1 & 2); Milton Johns as Williams (Season 2); Alan Hockey as Joe Gregory (Seasons 2 & 3); Keith Marsh as Henry Dodd (Seasons 2 & 3)

Writer: Graham White / Producer: Alan Tarrant

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 20×30 minute episodes / 9 January 1981 – 5 July 1983