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The Gamblers (ITV Anthology Series)



The Gamblers was an anthology series which was about people taking a gamble on something – and not necessarily a monetary gamble.

Writers included C.P. Taylor, Roger Marshall, Richard Harris, Ronald Eyre, Douglas Livingstone, Jeremy Paul, Arden Winch, Julia Jones, Roy Minton and Anthony Skene.

Guest stars were high profile and included the likes of Lee Montague, Bryan Pringle, Bernard Lee, Leslie Sands, Ronnie Barker, Joe Melia, Virginia Stride, Ronald Lacey, Brian Cox, Peter Barkworth, Brenda Bruce, George Sewell, Tony Selby, Alfred Burke and Rosemary Leach.

Creator and Script Editor: Richard Harris / Executive Producer: Stella Richman / Producer: Tim Aspinall

UK / ITV – Rediffusion / 20×50 minute episodes / 25 November 1967 – 25 July 1968