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The Ghosts Of Motley Hall (ITV Sitcom, Arthur English)



In children’s fantasy comedy drama series The Ghosts of Motley Hall, a group of ghosts who have spent 400 years haunting the stately home Motley Hall do their best to scare off anyone who wants to buy the place. The only ghostly character able venture outside the house is the stable boy Matt (Sean Flanagan). The ghosts included Bodkin (Arthur English), Sir George Uproar (Freddie Jones) and The Woman in White (Sheila Staefal)

Richard Carpenter, who wrote the series, also created the iconic Catweazle.

Cast: ARTHUR ENGLISH as Bodkin; FREDDIE JONES as Sir George Uproar; SHEILA STAEFAL as The Woman In White; SEAN FLANAGAN as Matt the Stableboy; NICHOLAS LE PREVOST as Fanny the Footman; PETER SALLIS as Mr Gudgin

Writer: Richard Carpenter / Music: Wilfred Joseph / Producer and Director: Quentin Lawrence

UK / ITV – Granada / 20×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 28 April 1976 – 5 March 1978 3 Seasons + 1 Special