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The Great Fire (ITV 2014, Andrew Buchan, Charles Dance)



Inspired by the historical events of 1666 and with the decadent backdrop of King Charles II’s court, The Great Fire focuses on the circumstances which led to the catastrophic fire, Thomas Farriner’s family life at the bakery in Pudding Lane, the playboy King’s extravagant lifestyle, and Farriner’s complex relationship with his fictional sister in law, Sarah.

production details
Country: UK
Release Year: 2014

Creators: Tom Bradby, Tom Butterworth, Chris Hurford,

William Beck as Richard Smith
Andrew Tiernan as Vincent
Rose Leslie as Sarah
Antonia Clarke as Frances Stewart
Oliver Jackson-Cohen as James, Duke of York
Glenn Doherty as Gaoler
Andrew Buchan as Thomas Farriner
Geoff Bell as Wilson
Uriel Emil Pollack as Signor Romero
Amy McAllister as Ruth
Perdita Weeks as Elizabeth Pepys
Jack Huston as King Charles II
Charles Dance as Lord Denton
Daniel Mays as Samuel Pepys
Richard McCabe as Lord Hyde
Ben Crompton as Mr. Bagwell
Sonya Cassidy as Catherine of Braganza
David Schofield as Duke of Hanford
Will Kemp as Alfredo
Jennie Gruner as Mrs. Bagwell
Andy Gathergood as Denton’s Man
Sarah Finigan as Vicious Woman
Robert Whitelock as The Ringleader
Mary Healey as Rope-maker’s Wife