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The Imitation Game Premieres 2 Sep on ITV



Premiering on ITV on Sunday 2 September The Imitation Game is a high-energy panel show hosted by Alexander Armstrong, that sees team captains and top impressionists Rory Bremner and Debra Stephenson lead teams of the UK’s favourite mimics and comedians in a number of fast-paced games and challenges.
Each week, both teams go head-to-head as they re-enact iconic movie scenes, re-voice news footage, blast out some surprising cover versions and put unlikely words in the mouths of all kinds of celebrities.
Guest panellists range from established stars like Jon Culshaw, Alistair McGowan and Jan Ravens to up-and coming talent such as Luke Kempner and Anil Desai, and the stunning voices of Jess Robinson and US star Christina Bianco.
production details
UK / ITV / 7×40 minutes / Broadcast from Sun 02 Sep 2018 from 10.05pm

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