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The Invisible Man (ITV Scifi, Tim Turner, Lisa Daniely)



In The Invisible Man Dr Peter Brady (Tim Turner) is busy conducting experiments into light refraction when he is accidentally rendered invisible, when he realises he is unable to regain his visibility he decides it gives him the perfect opportunity to do good. He becomes a special agent for the government able to get into places that other agents can’t, he also acts as something of a general aide to the police and people in need too.

To take on any semblance of a human form Brady has to swaddle himself up in bandages and the series made much play of never revealing the identity of the actor playing Brady although his voice was provided by Tim Turner (he of the legendary Tim Turner’s Narration) and the man under the overcoat was Johnny Scripps, also keep an eye out for a very young Deborah Watling as Brady’s niece Sally. Lisa Daniely played Brady’s sister Diane.

Made in 1958 and shot on film the special effects look somewhat obvious now but back in their day they were clearly cutting edge, check out the self smoking cigarette and the self drinking glass of water for proof!

Cast: ANONY MOUS as Dr Peter Brady; TIM TURNER as Voice of Dr Peter Brady; LISA DANIELY as Diane Brady; DEBORAH WATLING as Sally Brady; ERNEST CLARK as Colonel Ward

Creator and Producer: Ralph Smart / Music: Sidney John Key

UK / ITV – ATV / 26×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1958-1959