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The Kindness Of Strangers (ITV Thriller, Julie Graham, Hermione Norris)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In two part thriller The Kindness of Strangers, Julie Graham plays Ellie who, having turned forty, is unprepared for how different her life becomes after she gives birth to twins. From being a successful business partner with husband Joe (Neil Pearson) Ellie is now struggling to work from home, look after the twins, and deal with her teenage son. She is not the woman she used to be and her relationship with Joe is suffering the strain.

Ellie is feeling at an all time low when a chance meeting changes her life. Fiona (Hermione Norris) notices Ellie struggling and takes pity. It’s the first time Ellie has smiled in a long time. Fiona, whose husband died five years previously, offers to help out to keep her own mind busy. This is music to Ellie’s ears – she is gaining a friend and getting help. Whenever Ellie turns around, Fiona is there. Even Joe thinks she is a Godsend.

But can friends get too close for comfort? Or can the mind play cruel tricks sometimes? After all, Ellie’s depressed state could lead to her imagining things. Things that could ruin her marriage, her friendship, and even her life.

Cast: Julie Graham (Ellie), Neil Pearson (Joe), Hermione Norris (Fiona), Gillian Hanna (Hannah), Sean Verey (Alex), Ged Simmons (Tommy), Katy Murphy (Doctor Sarah), David Fleeshman (Developer), Ella Maskell (Twin), Kaya Maskell (Twin)

Writer: Kate O’Riordan / Music: Sarah Class / Executive Producer: Andy Harries / Producer: Shefail Malhoutra / Director: Tony Smith

UK / ITV1 – Granada / 2×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 7-8 June 2006