The Lady Is A Tramp (Channel 4 Sitcom, Patricia Hayes Pat Coombs)



Channel 4 Sitcom The Lady Is A Tramp was another Johnny Speight series (he did seem to have something of an obsession with tramps throughout his writing career), this one saw Old Pat (Patricia Hayes) and Lanky Pat (Pat Coombs) who had managed to find a disused van to live in.

As ever though with Speight there was more to this than simple humour, the series was made at a time when there had never been more people living rough on the streets of the UK. Hayes had spent many years working with Speight on shows such as The Arthur Haynes Show and Spooner’s Patch. She had also famously played a tramp in the classic Play For Today, Edna the Inebriate Woman.

Cast: Patricia Hayes as Old Pat; Pat Coombs as Lanky Pat

Writer: Johnny Speight / Producers: William G. Stewart, Dennis Main Wilson

UK / Channel 4 – Regent / 13×30 minute episodes / 8 January 1983 – 30 March 1984

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