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The Land Of Green Ginger (BBC Drama, Gwen Taylor)



Play For Today

In excellent Play For Today entry The Land of Green Ginger Sally (Gwen Taylor) returns home to Hull after working in London, her boss has offered the chance of promotion but it means working abroad for 18 months. Her old boyfriend Mike (John Flanagan) is a trawlerman and both are keen to resume a relationship. Sally would be willing to remain in Hull if only Mike would get a job on land, this though is something Mike is unwilling to do.

Fantastic dialogue as per usual from the always excellent Alan Plater, strong performance from Taylor and a very cool folk soundtrack from The Watersons who also put in an appearance in a pub scene.

Series: Play For Today – Season Three Episode Twelve

Cast: GWEN TAYLOR as Sally; JOHN FLANAGAN as Mike; JEAN HEYWOOD as Mrs Brown; MICHAEL ELWYN as Reynolds; IVY CAWOOD as Mrs Thurlow; CLIVE HUNTER as Taxi Driver; TED DENYER as Uncle Jack

Writer: Alan Plater / Music: The Watersons / Production Design: Ian Ashurst / Costumes: Gini Hardy / Producer: David Rose / Director: Brian Parker

UK / BBC-1 / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 15 January 1973