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The Letter For The King (Netflix Adventure, Amir Wilson)



The Letter For The King Netflix Adventure, Amir Wilson

In well made teen fantasy adventure The Letter For The King young novice knight Tiuri (Amir Wilson) holds the fate of the kingdom of Dagonaut in his hands when he embarks on a quest to deliver a secret message to the King. He is helped by a group of his fellow novice knights.

The series was actually based on a much loved 1962 Dutch novel of the same name by Tonke Dragt. It’s well made but often seems unsure of it’s target audience. Devotees of the book also felt that too many changes had been made.

Cast: Amir Wilson as Tiuri; Ruby Ashbourne Serkis as Lavinia; Thaddea Graham as Iona; Islam Bouakkaz as Arman; Jonah Lees as Jussipo; Jack Barton as Foldo; Nathanael Saleh as Piak; Gijs Blom as Prince Viridian; Peter Ferdinando as Jaro; Emilie Cocquerel as Queen Alianor

Director: Alex Holmes / Directors: Charles Martin, Felix Thompson / Development Producer: Marina Brackenbury / Executive Producer: Paul Trijbits / Art Direction: Jan Hak

UK / Netflix – FilmWave / 6×50 minute episodes / Premiered 20 March 2020