The Many Wives Of Patrick (ITV 1976-1978, Patrick Cargill)

1970s sitcom The Many Wives of Patrick was another successful vehicle for Patrick Cargill following his long running turn in Father Dear Father. Cargill played Patrick Woodford a well to do antiques dealer with a complicated home life. Despite having been married and divorced several times Patrick remained on good terms with all of his wives. Helen (Elizabeth Counsell) was his most recent wife although they are on the verge of divorce.

Meanwhile Patrick’s former wives are all still present in his life, especially first wife Elizabeth (played by Ursual Howells who funnily enough played Cargill’s ex wife in Father Dear Father.)

Patrick’s other wives also included second wife Nancy (Elspet Gray), the French Josephine (Wendy Williams) and glamorous Laura (Bridget Armstrong). Also a regular was Patrick’s assistant Harold played by Robin Parkinson. Patrick’s mother (Agnes Lauchlen) also appeared from time to time. Wendy Padbury was a series one regular as Patrick’s daughter Amanda and Julie Dawn Cole appeared in the second and third seasons as daughter Madeleine.

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In the third season Patrick had a major problem on his hands, it turned out that his quicky divorce from American wife Betsy was not legal and the couple were still married!

Although the series was written by Richard Waring (who had been writing cosy domestic sitcoms, such as And Mother Makes Three and Marriage Lines since the 1960’s) it was co-created by Patrick Stewart with help from producer William G. Stewart and Colin Frewin.

There was an attempt to make an American version for the 1980-1981 season but it didn’t get beyond unscreened pilot stage.

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The series, made by London Weekend Television for ITV, ran for 20 half hour episodes from 1976 to 1978. The producer and director was William G. Stewart and the theme tune was by Johnny Johnston.

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