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The Martian Chronicles (Scifi, Rock Hudson, Gayle Hunnicutt)



USA / Charles Fried. / 3x95m-e / 1980

Writer: Richard Matheson / Novels: Ray Bradbury / Producers: Andrew Donally, Milton Subotsky / Director: Michael Anderson

Scifi drama serial. In 1999 a group of astronauts embark on the first manned flight to Mars and find all manner of strangeness once they arrive.

Cast: Gayle Hunnicutt (Ruth Wilder), Rock Hudson (Col. John Wilder), Darren McGavin (Sam Parkhill), Roddy McDowall (Father Stone), Joyce Van Patten (Elma Parkhill), Phil Brown (Narrator), Maggie Wright (Ylla), John Cassady (Briggs), Alison Elliott (Lavinia Spaulding), Richard Heffer (Captain Conover), Derek Lamden (Sandship Martian), Peter Marinker (McClure), Richard Oldfield (Captain Nathaniel York), Anthony Pullen Shaw (Edward Black), Burnell Tucker (Bill Wilder)