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The Mill on the Floss (BBC-2 1997, Emily Watson, James Frain)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Emily Watson and James Frain play the star-crossed lovers Maggie Tulliver and Philip Wakeham in George Eliot’s classic tale of unrequited love, family loyalty and passion, The Mill On The Floss, which goes into production on September 2 on location in Norfolk until October 6.

Hugh Stoddart’s screenplay is based on Eliot’s classic novel The Mill On The Floss, which was originally published in 1860 and tells the story of the bright and emotional Maggie Tulliver, her love for Philip – the hunchback son of her father’s greatest enemy, and their respective families’ prejudice and rivalries which keep them apart…

production details
UK | BBC Two | 1×105 minutes | 1997

Writer: Hugh Stoddart
Novel:George Elliot
Camera: David Johnson
Music: John Scott
Executive Producer: David M. Thompson
Producer: Brian Eastman
Director: Graham Theakston

EMILY WATSON as Maggie Tulliver
CHERYL CAMPBELL as Bessy Tulliver
JAMES FRAIN as Philip Wakem
BERNARD HILL as Edward Tulliver
JOANNA DAVID as Sophy Deane
LUCY WHYBROW as Lucy Deane
IFAN MEREDITH as Tom Tulliver
JAMES WEBER-BROWN as Stephen Guest
NICHOLAS GECKS as Lawyer Wakem