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The Mind Of The Enemy (BBC Thriller, Mike Pratt)



In five part BBC spy thriller The Mind of the Enemy agent Brian Calder (Mike Pratt) has to stem the tide of a series of leakages at the Security Executive and has further problems following a murder.

Another of the forgotten thriller that the BBC turned out in the 1960’s. Michael Gilbert, the writer of this one, had a long career writing for TV beginning in 1956 with a thriller called The Crime of the Century but his last credit was for a couple of episodes of Orson Welles’ Great Mysteries in 1973 and 1974. He was actually much better known as a novelist with 30 full length novels and several collections of short stories between 1947 and 1999. Gilbert was also a full time solicitor and only wrote on his train commute between Ken and Lincoln’s Inn.

Cast: MIKE PRATT as Brian Calder; ANNA CROPPER as Anthea Fairside; JOHN WELSH as General Fairside; CYRIL LUCKHAM as Sir Henry Blake; NORMAN MITCHELL as Max Underwood; MANNING WILSON as Gerald Gould; BLAKE BUTLER as Mr Wild; MICHAEL BILTON as Truscott

Writer: Michael Gilbert / Story Editor: John Wiles / Producer: Alan Bromly / Director: Paddy Russell

UK / BBC Two / 5×25 minutes / 14 June – 12 July 1965