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The Monsters (BBC Scifi, William Greene, EIlizabeth Weaver)



BBC scifi drama serial The Monsters saw newlywed John Brent (William Greene) get caught up in a sinister mystery whilst staying in a small hotel in the North of England.

When a body is discovered in a lake that locals think may contain a Loch Ness style sea monster Brent begins an investigation. He quickly tangles with the strange Professor Cato who has his own fleet of mini-subs in the lake. There also may very well be real monsters in the lake too.

Obviously inspired by the whole Loch Ness Monster legend, director Mervyn Pinfield was a regular helmer on Doctor Who during its early years.

Cast: William Greene as John Brent; Robert Harris as Professor Cato; Alan Gifford as Van Halloren; Mark Dignam as Hopkins; Helen Lindsay as Esmee Pulford; Elizabeth Weaver as Felicity Brent; Gordon Whiting as Meissonier; Clifford Cox as Howard Milroy; Howard Douglas as Wilf Marner; Norman Mitchell as Sergeant Oakroyd; John Barrett as Parsons

Writers: Evelyn Fraser, George R. Foa, Vincent Tilsley / Designer: Stewart Marshall / Special Effects: Bernard Wilkie and Stewart Marshall / Music: Humphrey Searle, played by members of the Sinfonia of London Orchestra / Producer: George R. Foa

UK / BBC / 4×50 minutes / 1962 8 November – 29 November black and white