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The More We Are Together (ITV Sitcom, Betty Marsden)



ITV sitcom The More We Are Together detailed the relationships of four friends. Norma Dunk (Betty Marsden), Doris Tingle (Avril Angers), Roy Barraclough (Frank Wilgoose) and Wally Dunk (Victor Brooks who was replaced for the final two episodes by Kenneth Watson).

The series was quite near the knuckle for its time, most ITV regions started airing the series on early Saturday evenings but it was definitely suited to a later in the evening time slot. Several ITV regions also stopped showing after the fourth episodes.

From the original publicity…. Most of us have relations, most of us have friends and most of us have neighbours – and most of us rub along quite well together. But when the friend is also the lodger, the relation is the neighbour, the lodger is the friend of the husband, and the neighbour is the relation of the wife, “rubbing along” can produce a few sparks – as well as a great deal of confusion.

Cast: Betty Marsden as Norma Dunk; Avril Angers as Doris Tingle; Victor Brooks as Wally Dunk (Episodes 1-4); Kenneth Watson as Wally Dunk (Episodes 5-6); Roy Barraclough as Frank Wilgoose

Writer: Robert Storey / Executive Producer: John Duncan / Producer: Ian Davidson / Director: Mike Bevan

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 6×30 minute episodes / 30 January – 6 March 1971 Saturdays at 5.10pm