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The New Statesman (BBC Sitcom, Windsor Davies)



In sitcom The New Statesman George Vance (Windsor Davies), a Welshman running a museum in England, inherits an Earldom and finds himself taking a seat in the house of Lords. The two lead characters were played by Colin Blakely and Gwen Taylor in the pilot.

Three years later the title would be used for the much more successful Rik Mayall series written by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.

Cast: Colin Blakely as George Vance (pilot); Windsor Davies as George Vance (series); Gwen Taylor as Enid Vance (pilot); Anna Dawson as Enid Vance; (series); Ivor Roberts as Phillip Thomas; Madeline Adams as Clementine Vance (series); Sean Chapman as Robert Vance (series)

Writer: Douglas Watkinson / Producer and Director: David Askey

UK / BBC Two / 7×30 minute episodes / Pilot: 3 December 1984 Season: 12 September – 17 October 1985 Thursdays at 9.00pm