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The Old Campaigner (BBC Sitcom, Terry-Thomas, Jonathan Cecil)



Sitcom The Old Campaigner was a rare TV series role for Terry-Thomas, in his typical caddish fashion he played super salesman James Franklin-Jones or FJ as he is known, travelling the globe for Balsom Plastics and seeking out ‘crumpet’ at every opportunity. He less than impressed when he is saddled with an assistant – the naive Peter Clancy (Jonathan Cecil) but quickly manages to assume the role of teacher.

The series grew out of a Comedy Playhouse entry of the same name. This aired on the 30 June 1967 and Derek Fowlds played Clancy with Norman Claridge playing ‘LB’.

Cast: Terry-Thomas as James Franklin-Jones (‘F J’); Jonathan Cecil as Peter Clancy; Lois Penson as Miss Pinto; Reginald Marsh as ‘L B’ (series)

Writer: Michael Pertwee / Producer: James Gilbert

UK / BBC One / 6x30m-e / 6 December 1968 – 10 June 1969